Hitting Instruction:

$50 for a 1 hour lesson

At Fence Finder, we take the needed time to work with you and your player to achieve both the required head knowledge as well as the muscle memory necessary for the swing to be successful and repeatable.  Many places will charge this much or more for 1/2 an hour.  Many of our clients will come for a few lessons and then take what they’ve learned to go start a season and then come back mid-season to fix a problem they’ve developed or to learn a more advanced concept because they want to make the All Star Team or move into Select Baseball.  Others, come once a week for a longer time to consistently learn new things and to reinforce the correct fundamentals. Remember, our goal is to teach your player the right way to hit while also giving both of you the knowledge of how to diagnose issues going forward so that you can fix them on your own in most cases.