Fence Finder Academy focuses on teaching youth baseball players the fundamentals of a correct swing in a way that they can understand that translate to success on the field.  Players learn the proper swing personalized to their strengths and abilities while working to improve the skills that will show in their batting average and power at the plate.  You as a parent and your player will get an explanation of the physics behind the instruction they receive so that you both understand the keys of what is important.  We don’t try to lock you into continued lessons.  Instead, our goal is to teach your player the right way to hit and ingrain in them the muscle memory that is necessary for their swing to be repeatable while also giving you both the knowledge of how to diagnose issues going forward so that you can work as a team to fix them together when problems arise.  We also discuss the mental approach to an at bat so that your player knows what to focus on so they step into the box prepared to succeed and find the fence.